Library Home to New Union

Library Home to New Union

Michael Hannon, Editor-in-Chief

Space to transform into a resource hub for students

After Brenda Eubank retired from being the school’s librarian last school year, the library faced uncertainty as to what was to come next. The position was taken over by English teacher Rachel Miller, and since then the library has began a new chapter of service for the school.

The library is home to hundreds of reading materials, all of which are open for any student to check out. The library also houses other resources, such as social worker Ashley Manship’s office, study spaces, and the home of the Essentials Project.

Starting this school year, the library is now the home of a student union.

The union was previously initiated by Ginny Nelson, who was a part of the guidance office. This union was created to provide students with information regarding post-high school plans and how to navigate the latter part of high school.

The goal is to implement resources that students can utilize and benefit from. One resource for students, with a partnership from the AVID program, are studying skills. The goal would be to work with Tammy Noble’s AVID class to help students with study tables and tutorials on studying skills.

“Say, if there is a big chemistry test at the end of the week, students can meet [at the union] on Tuesday and Thursday after school to get together and students can collaborate and use the skills they have learned from AVID lessons to help them study,” said Principal Dr. Sherry Wise.

Another goal of the student union is to show students what their options are both in school and after graduation. For in-school options, students can go to the union to inquire about what classes and programs may be available, such as the CDL course offered by the co-op. For plans after graduation, the union can be very beneficial for students.

If students are interested in learning more about a specific school, the union can arrange for students representatives for an information session.

It can also provide the students with information they may need to apply for colleges, as well as options in the workforce or military.

“I want to make it something that, no matter what your plan is after high school, there’s going to be something there for you that you can come and work with [the union] on,” said Wise.

At the beginning of the semester, Nelson resigned as the union’s coordinator. Currently, a new coordinator has not been hired, but there are applicants being reviewed.