Now Hiring: Substitutes Needed in the Classroom

Now Hiring: Substitutes Needed in the Classroom

Joz Kempf, Social Media Staff

When Cooperation Secretary Lisa Muth started working for the Paoli School Corporation in 2012, there were 76 substitute teachers hired to work at the school. The next year, 13 more, but since then there has been a steady decrease in the number of substitutes available.

Currently, there are only 30 substitute teachers working in the corporation.

“That may sound like a lot,” said Muth, “but they are shared by both buildings. Also, some of them are college students and are only available on their breaks.”

Muth suspects many reasons as to why there has been a diminishing number available in recent years. Though they receive $75 a day for working at the school, the position comes with an unpredictable work schedule and a lack of insurance or “leave day” benefits.

“I am sure there are people that don’t want to come into a school right now,” said Muth. “Some people [also] don’t like not knowing when they might be called into work. They usually call them early the same day they need them.”

Another possibility is the emergence and ongoing conflicts that have come with the COVID-19 pandemic. The school year following the initial quarantine of students and staff experienced resulted in 14 substitute teachers not returning. The next, 10 more were lost.

Regardless of the worsening situation, Muth maintains hope more applications will come in.

“We are currently advertising on the radio for job openings at the school and have them posted on our website,” said Muth.

Applications to become a substitute teacher are available on the school’s website under the Staff and Employment section. Under that there is one for Jobs and Applications and, finally, a page specifically for substitute teachers.

Interested applicants must have gone through a background check and have a current Substitute Teacher License through the State of Indiana.