STEM Certification in the works for Junior High Students

STEM Certification in the works for Junior High Students

Michael Hannon, Editor-in-Chief

In the past few years, classrooms have rapidly evolved to become more tech-friendly, especially with the threat of virtual learning constantly looming over our heads. Strides have been made to help students become more connected, but having to read from a screen can be a difficult way of learning material, especially new material. To combat this, the school corporation is taking steps to get grades K-8 STEM certified.

According to the Indiana Department of Education website, STEM certified schools “exemplify a highly non-traditional approach to education by employing a great deal of inquiry, project-based learning, community engagement, entrepreneurship, studentcentered classrooms, and out-of school STEM activities.”

With STEM certification, the school would be able to provide students with more hands-on learning opportunities, and will greatly increase the likelihood of retention in the classroom. It will also make material more engaging for students as it will provide alternative resources for students to interact with. This certification will provide options across all academics, not just for science and math classes.

“[The certification] will provide different types of lesson plans teachers can use so that there can be hands-on lessons even in an English classroom. If you can do handson activities in those classes, it will grab the student’s attention a lot more,” said superintendent Greg Walker. In order to get certified, the school is partnering with Equitable Educations Solutions, a company that specializes in STEM certification and Strategic Planning. This company has helped other schools achieve their STEM certifications, and they have a 100 percent success rate.

“I am hoping our students can get more skills they normally wouldn’t get without those hands-on resources. It is also good for the school to promote so we can get more students attending and utilizing those resources,” said Walker.