iReady and ILEARN tests to occur in April

iReady and ILEARN tests to occur in April

Lola Beavers, Junior High Staff Writer

On April 4 through April 8, junior high I-AM students will take the I-AM test. April 11 through April 14, the rest of junior high will take the iReady diagnostic. 

iReady is a diagnostic test that the school uses to determine academic growth in Math and English. Students take this test three times a year, once at the beginning, middle and the end of the school year. Teachers use this data to guide instruction in the classroom and also helps them know what level students are working at.

ILEARN is a state standardized test given in Math and English. All junior high students are required to take it. ILEARN is used to help with class placement for honors/AP classes and RTI (response to intervention). It also helps teachers and administrators to know if extra support is needed. I-AM is an alternative assessment for a small number of students in place of ILEARN.

“Remember, testing provides us with info that can help students. We want you to do your very best but, we do not want it to be another stresser,” said Junior High Guidance Counselor Katrina Brace.

iReady and ILEARN are both very important tests for student’s futures in high school and it is encouraged that students take their time and try their best.

Story by Lola Beavers