Cole and Fullington Bring Back the 812 Sports Podcast

Cole and Fullington Bring Back the 812 Sports Podcast

Aurora Hays, Junior High Staff Writer

On April 7, freshmen Fletcher Cole and Brian Fullington rebooted the 812 Sports podcast for the Paoli Media Department. In the previous years the podcast was run by alumni Garrett Vincent and Dietrich Sears. In their podcast, Cole and Fulligton interview a member of a current sports team and discuss school sports as well as sports on a national level. 

“I really hope to see us move into the world of podcasting. I have already talked to Brian about becoming our producer for other shows if there is interest. I want more student voices telling stories here at PHS in a unique way,” said Media Adviser Heather Nichols.

The podcast will be published every Thursday and is available to all who would like to listen. In their first episode, Cole and Fullington discussed March Madness, the Masters Golf Tournament and the Rams kicking off spring sports.

“I started this podcast for two reasons: I thought it would be cool to create something and know it as my own, and also it makes media way easier than before,” said Fullington.

The podcast is available on the PHS Media News website and Spotify.

“For the rest of the year, I think we plan to perfect our craft and come back next year with a greater podcast than anyone will ever know,” said Fullington. 

Story by Aurora Hays