Service Day Returns

Tradition Continues for Students and Staff


PHS Media Staff

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Shelby Chapman, Paolite Staff Writer

On October 10, 2019, students and staff participated in the fifth Service Day. On this day, students and staff participated in 25 projects on campus or around town with the intent of making a positive impact on the community or the school itself. No hiatuses were expected for the annual activity, but when COVID hit, the event got put on pause for two years.

“I was so afraid we would never bring this back but people overwhelmingly wanted it to come back and I’m grateful for that,” said Service Day Coordinator Heather Nichols.

This year, the tradition returns with Service Day scheduled for October 6. Student favorites like the Humane Society Visit and the Cook Field clean-up are back, with the addition of newer activities like the Ram Resource Room work day and West Baden playground renovation.

Principal Ed Wagner believes this event is a great opportunity for PHS staff and students alike to give back.

“It’s just a small token of our appreciation for all the community does for us. It’s always been important to me to allow students to learn something outside of the daily rigors of a classroom. This is no exception. It allows students to get out of their routine for the day and give back. It also allows us to showcase our student body to the community so that they can see firsthand how great our students are here at Paoli Community Schools,” said Wagner.

On Service Day, students will report to homeroom for attendance before being released to their Service Day team’s designated meeting spot. From there, groups going off campus will be transported and those staying at school will go to the appropriate areas. Once students complete their service projects, they will complete reflection activities with their teams and then attend a convocation in the auditorium. Following the convocation, students will return to their homeroom.