Opaa!: Lunch With Love

New Meal Program Offers Enhanced Menu


Austin Benales

Freshman Dominic Garcia checks out in the lunch line after getting his lunch from Oppa!

Ayla Anderson, Paolite Staff Writer

A new cafeteria system called Opaa! has been integrated into PHS this school year.

Eighth grader Marcus Longest types in his number at the Opaa! counter (Austin Benales)

Opaa!, a family-owned business, was founded in 1978 with the goal of improving students’ school days. According to the Opaa! website, “A school meal can be the highlight of a child’s day. For some children, it may be the only wholesome meal they receive that day. What a responsibility — and a privilege — it is to be the ones who ‘Make Their Day.’”

Opaa! works to make students’ days with a variety of nutritious meals that are made from scratch and served with fresh fruits and vegetables that appeal to students. Categories of options offered each day include to-go meals, salads, world foods, student favorites and fresh market which is the main dish.

Opaa! was brought to PHS with the help of Superintendent Greg Walker. The state of Indiana requires schools that wish to have a food service management to submit a Request for Proposal form (RFP).

After filling out an RFP, companies submit bids and the highest wins. Opaa! took the cake, which led Walker to make his choice to the new meal program.

“School food service programs are self-sufficient, so no additional funding was required. Currently, we are reimbursed by the state and federal government for each reimbursable meal we serve. Students pay for a la carte items and adults pay for their meals,” said Walker.

Senior Jackie Crews fills up her cup with lemonade from the drink station before eating. (Austin Benales)

Opaa! bills the school for each meal they serve and the goal is to break even or finish a little in the black at the end of this school year.

“I think it is going amazing. The number of meals served has more than doubled over last year. This means more students are eating and that is a positive thing,” said Walker