SEL To Bring Excitement To Student

For more information contact Nichols or Andry.


PHS Media Staff

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Cambry Tinkle, Social Media Staff

Homerooms on Mondays are reserved this year for a new SEL program designed to support more than just the academic needs of students at PHS. 

The SEL Program stands for Social and Emotional Learning. The purpose of this program is to help students learn how to set personal goals, deal with relationships, and how to get through tough times. Some SEL activities have already been put into play like an educational Kahoot that students competed in. Media teacher Heather Nichols and Biology teacher Laurie Jo Andry have led the charge to help students with social and emotional growth. 

The two teachers, along with the help of a committee, plan on introducing more simple, meaningful SEL activities in the future.  

“I think this is some of the most important work I have ever done as a teacher. I am learning so much and I hope other teachers are too,” said Nichols.

For more information contact Nichols or Andry.