Humane Society Service Day Project


PHS Media Staff

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Gracie Brown, Hillcrest Yearbook Assistant Editor, PHS New Today Main Anchor

On October 6, Service Day returns for a sixth year. One of the places the students could choose is to travel to the Orange County Humane Society with teachers Heather Nichols, Katy Mulryan, Lyndi Baxter, and Jeremy Reynolds. 

The students who have signed up for the project are planning to clean kennels, walk and play with the dogs, play with the cats, and other activities. Most students will find a dog and walk them around all day or go into the cat area and play with them. There are also many things that need to be cleaned and some stuff that needs to be painted. 

“This project is one of the most requested. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a fun day,” said Nichols

Students should expect to show a lot of love to lots of dogs and cats and they are asked to bring in one donation for the humane society.