Club Raises Funds for Rocky Ram

The PHS Booster Club is hoping to raise money to purchase a new Ram costume

Cambry Tinkle, Social Media Staff

This year, PHS Booster Club has taken on the challenge of raising money for a brand new $1,500 Rocky Ram costume. This new mascot is being purchased due to the grungy state of the last two costumes.

Booster Club sponsor, Art teacher Chris Jones, has put together multiple fundraisers to contribute to the cost of the costume. Club members were able to buy club t-shirts, and sell temporary tattoos, stickers and magnets of our Ram logos at football games. They have raised a few hundred dollars and plan to make more during the boy’s and girl’s basketball seasons.

“So far, we have sold a lot of different items to help us raise money for a new Rocky. We are going to keep selling until we reach our goal of $1,500,” said Booster Club President Austin Benales.

Jones hopes to see the new ram in action this year if fundraising continues to be successful. After the mascot is ordered, the costume will take five to six weeks to arrive.

Jones and club members are discussing holding tryouts or interviews for Rocky. 

“We want a Rocky Ram that is energetic, enthusiastic, and fun; we need someone who will get our fans excited for the game,” said Booster Club Vice President Clara Henderson.

Jones also hopes that Rocky is someone who has a lot of spirit and energy. He also wants it to be someone who is willing to help out their classmates.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a mascot at games. It really helps a lot with school spirit. It’s especially helpful with the younger kids and getting them involved. I think it is a necessary addition and something all kids will have fun with,” said Jones.

If anyone would like to make a donation or suggest a fundraiser, they should contact Jones, one of the club officers or see Shawna Walker in the treasurer’s office.

For more information, contact Jones at [email protected]