Lopez Wins Top Spot

Fall Contest Highlights Best Speakers


Olivia McSpadden

Senior AJ Lopez performs his monologue as Grand Champion of the Speech Contest.

Senior Adin Monroe throws water on senior Austin Benales as senior River Fleming watches in shock. The group won the Skit category. (Olivia McSpadden)

The annual Speech Contest was held on Wednesday, November 2 during the monthly half-day. The event was coordinated by Public Speaking Teacher Carol Eubank.

Numerous students took part in the event, with one winner being chosen from each category after two rounds of performing in front of two different panels of community judges.

Winners and those runner up for skit were recognized in the auditorium on Monday, November 7 with performances of their pieces.

Senior A.J. Lopez was named Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion was taken by sophomore Rhiannon Pinnick.

“Overall, I thought the Speech Contest went well. As usual, the kids love to fuss about it when it first gets assigned, but they love to talk about the performances for days! The judges were very impressed with our student body,” said Eubank.

Sophomore Rhiannon Pinnick presents the poem that earned the Reserve Grand Champion title with two poetry readings. (Olivia McSpadden)

Lopez earned his Grand Champion status with his Dramatic Monologue “How Can I Comfort?” and as a member of the Humorous Duo with Micaela MacDonald with a piece entitled “Shribble.”

Pinnick won her Reserve title with performances of Narrative and Contemporary Poetry with the poems “Art Class” and “Smile.”

Other winners and their categories are listed below.