OC Youth Council Hosts 4th Grade Education Series


PHS Media Staff

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Ashleigh Garcia, Business Manager, Sports Editor, Web Editor, Senior Editor Assistant, Paolite Staff Writer

On Friday, March 17, the Orange County Youth Council will be hosting the 4th Grade Education Series, which is based on philanthropy at Throop Elementary.

Members of OCYC will be using PowerPoint presentations to engage the students. 

There will be several activities in order to educate these students on the importance of philanthropy. These activities will hopefully motivate the students to be involved in their community. The goal  for the Council is to help students understand the definition of philanthropy.

“I remember being in the fourth grade class being taught what philanthropy is, and I am very excited to get to pass on the message and all of the fun I learned back then,” said Youth Council Member junior Savannah Key.

Orange County Youth Council works to develop leaders in the community, and instill the belief system that they can make changes in their community. Youth Council members start early in the recruiting process, and try to plant the idea in elementary school. Then once they’re in junior high they can then join and work in the community with the other members from the surrounding schools in Orange County.