Tri-Hi-Y Starts New Care Package Project

Tri-Hi-Y is working on a project to support individuals serving in the military


PHS Media Staff

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Carley Higgins, Paolite Staff Writer

Tri-Hi-Y is working on a project to support individuals serving in the military. The club is making care packages and sending them out to nine people serving in the military. These people are either graduates from Paoli High School, or are family members of students here.

When Tri-Hi-Y first decided they would be doing this, they put out a message on the morning announcements asking for names and addresses of those who are currently serving that the students know of.

“We want to show our support for them and appreciation for what they do for the rest of us every day,” said Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor Maria Wishart.

The care packages for the military people will include cards made by Tri-Hi-Y, snacks and useful items that are often requested by those away from home.

The packages are going pretty much everywhere. Some of them will be going overseas to places like Japan and Guam. Others will be sent to places still in the United States, but are still away from home.

“Getting a package in the mail is great any time, but it is especially nice when you are far from home and separated from people you know,” said Wishart.

The packages will hopefully be shipped out before Spring Break. Tri-Hi-Y plans to continue this project in the future.