New Stage Productions in the Works


Olivia McSpadden

Eighth grader Wylee Ruckman, senior AJ Lopez and freshman Cannon Lambdin chat at a dinner table during the “Life is Like a Double Cheeseburger” play in February.

The Drama Club kicked off second semester by working on their spring production.

“Life is like a Double Cheeseburger” was a comedic play performed on the evenings of February 16 and 17, with 31 cast members and five crew members. It was chosen due to the flexibility in number of parts and variety of serious and humorous parts.

“Drama is another family I can go to where I can be understood and have fun outside of the stresses of school,” said junior Braeden Campbell, who was both an onstage actor and backstage manager. “The biggest lesson I’ve learned from drama would be how to talk to people. People have different experiences and different life problems, you need to change how you talk and act around people in accordance to what helps them pay attention in situations where maximum attention is needed.”

Typically the spring production is one of the last events the Drama Club puts on, but this year, the group has plans for two more shows.

The first show will be a production written and directed by two students, senior Josh Barnett and seventh grader Havoc Nichols called “Everyone is a Mad Hatter.”

I hope that people are inspired to do some more script-writing.

— Drama Director Maria Wishart

“We have never performed a student written play before,” said Wishart. “There have been many conversations about it, but no one has ever produced a script until now. I hope that people are inspired to do some more script-writing. We have some new performers; I hope they enjoy being part of a production. I hope that we learn some new skills from the process.”

The show will be done as a video, with a cast of junior high students and a few high school club members. The plan is to show the video during a homeroom.

“I can’t wait to start filming the show,” said Barnett. “Working with a junior high student is about the same as anyone else. Just younger.”

The second show will be “13 Ways to Screw up your College Interview” and will star a cast of juniors and seniors.

The show is loosely planned on being performed May 3.