Duck Hunt Update


PHS Media Staff

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Ryleigh Anderson, Web Staff

Throughout the last three weeks JAG students have been hiding mini ducks for the rest of the student body to find. They hid 100 ducks and 73 were turned in. Sophomore Jon Shellenberger won with a total of 38 points. Second place went to sophomore Gavin Judd with 14. Senior McKali Hedge brought in third with eight points. 

Each week two different colors of ducks were hidden. Twenty were worth one point, the others, which were yellow, were worth five points each. The Duck Hunt’s intended purpose was to bring up morale, and spread awareness about the JAG program. 

Shellenberger felt he had somewhat of an advantage.

“Don’t let kids whose parents are teachers participate. It’s an easy dub,” said Shellenberger. 

He received a gift basket including a giant duck, three smaller ducks, and a lot of candy. JAG plans to host a new hunt next year.