Morp to Take Place Tonight


PHS Media Staff

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Carley Higgins, Paolite Staff Writer

As the year comes to an end, Morp is coming closer.

This year’s Morp is on May 5, and the theme is A Night in New York. Morp is being put together and planned by the junior high student council, which is directed by Student Council Advisor Tammy Noble.

With Noble’s retirement, this will be the last Morp planned by her. She has planned Morp for the past 17 years. This will be her eighteenth and last year.

“I can’t wait to see all of the students dressed up for a night of fun. Morp has always been one of my favorite school activities.  I will miss planning this special evening with my JH Student Council students,” said Noble.

The student council members all come together on the Friday of Morp to help decorate and put Morp in action. Decorating and planning for Morp includes making props, decorating the walls, hiring a DJ and planning what food and snacks will be available.

“I hope that everyone has a good time at Morp and many people show up. The most exciting thing about being involved in the planning is getting to know a rough idea of what is going to go on and what everything is going to look like. Though there are many amazing decorations that the student council has made, I would say the best one is the buildings and the skyline,” said Junior High Student Council President Addie Payton.

As of now, Mariah Buchanan will take over the Junior High Student Council Advisor position for next school year.