PHS Hosts the Rammys


Olivia McSpadden

Rammy Award winners show off their awards. Picture from left are Seth Eisenhower, Jeremy Reynolds, Lori Stroud, Chris Jones, Heather Nichols, Mariah Buchanan, Jimmy Dunn, and Chris Lindley.

Senior Wyatt Blankenship sings a original song to thank all of the PHS staff. (Olivia McSpadden)

The first annual Rammys were held on May 10 in the upper gym. The Rammys event was a way for students to show appreciation to their teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. The teachers were given Rammy awards after students voted over email. 

People who helped with the event were seniors Adin Monroe and A.J. Lopez hosted the Rammys. Juniors Ayla Anderson and Cambry Tinkle checked tickets and handed out the trophies. 

Senior Wyatt Blankenship wrote a song in six hours the night before to thank the teachers for their hard work. He named the song “Thank You.” Blankenship sang the song in front of the whole school in the upper gym before it started. 

U.S. History Teacher Chris Lindley hosted the first Rammys.

Rocky Ram waves makes an entrance to the Rammys. (ol)

I felt really positive for the first go. The students who helped me were fantastic and wanted to help make it a fun event.  I appreciate that after all our faculty has done this year for them, they were glad to have a chance to say thank you.  My co-conspirators also deserve a shout out for helping make the Rammys so fun. My hope is that my colleagues felt the love and appreciation,” said Lindley. 

Lindley felt the event was a great way to boost teacher morale.

“I had worked on student morale all year which required a lot of help and support from teachers, so I wanted to do something to show appreciation for their efforts. I think we have committed, enthusiastic,  hardworking teachers, and I value what they bring to PHS.  The Rammys was to be a lighthearted event to say thank you. I can’t wait to do it again,” said Lindley.