New AEDs Installed in Paoli Schools


Jacob Workman

Here is an picture of the new AED’s located throughout PHS.

Taisha Robbins, Paolite Staff Writer

Paoli High School’s safety technology is expanding and improving. The school has recently bought four new automated external defibrillators (AEDs). The new AEDs are ZOLL AED3 which come with attached pads that can be used on every single person. If a child is in cardiac arrest, the individual administering first aid just has to push the child button. 

The new AEDS come with all the needed accessories including scissors and face masks. These will be placed at Throop, outside the High school lower gym, and the High school football locker room. School Nurse Emme Moore is in charge of the implementation of the AEDs.

“These new AEDs have technological advancements built in to ensure that the rescuer is providing the most effective CPR possible. They give real-time feedback regarding the rate and depth of compressions and can determine very quickly whether a shock is needed.  They also record all events of the rescue so that information can be provided to the victim’s medical team,”  said Moore.

The previously used AEDs, CRPlus, are still effective and will still be used. They will be located outside the High School upper gym and the High School nurse’s office. They will be used as portable AEDs for coaches where AEDs are not available. There will be a total of ten AEDs for the schools use. These extra AEDs help the school meet the requirements of the Senate Bill 369 which requires schools to have AEDs at every extracurricular event. Overall, these AEDs improve the safety of PHS not just during school hours, but also at after school events.