Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is the day where people all over the world celebrate, and raise awareness about, making the world a better place. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22.

Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day back in 1962. It was an idea that took over seven to become recognized.  Nelson took the idea to then President Kennedy, who liked the idea. Even though Kennedy went on tour to support it, it did not succeed.

Nelson never gave up on Earth Day. He still spoke about environmental issues to anyone who would listen. People began noticing environmental degradation and took notice to the idea of Earth day.

Seven years after the idea came to Nelson’s mind, Earth Day finally became a national holiday.

This year on Earth Day, the PTO, parent teacher organization, is planning to go purchase a tree and plant it somewhere on the school grounds.

“We are hoping that this will set a good example for the kids here to do more for the environment,” said the Assistant Principal Todd Hitchcock. “We’re hoping it will be a beautiful tree and that it will help the environment around the school.”

Hitchcock is planning to have the Horticultural class planting it, which is taught by Cory Scott. This is will be a good example that just one little thing can help the environment.

Story by Ethan Wells