The benefits of AP classes

Over the summer many teachers went out to take new college courses so they can teach AP classes. These courses could have taken them across many states and could have only taken a couple of days to complete.

“I traveled to Notre Dame and Western Kentucky for my AP training courses. The classes were from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day for a week,” said English teacher Carol Fullington.

All of these college courses were eventually just for the advancement of student learning. Many teachers had different motives on why they went.

“I was excited that these courses were finally coming to Paoli, because I knew that they could challenge students and help them in the future,” said Fullington.

Even though going through these courses could be a hassle for teachers, in the end, many students are thankful for what their teachers did, because they can now challenge themselves with harder work and eventually test out of college classes.

“I am thankfully for the AP courses. Even though they are difficult they are still worth it,” said sophomore Ethan Wells.

In the end these AP classes can help the school score better in testing and help students be more prepared for college.

Info by Todd Osborn