Photo Show Recap

On Wednesday, May 2, several students involved in high school art and photography classes, had their favorite works presented for other students and visitors.

The students’ photography could be sold for different prices but the artwork was not sold. All money raised went to the student except for one dollar off every photo which went to the journalism department.

“It is a good feeling have my work presented, and when people compliment me on my work. My favorite part is talking to people about my work, and seeing what other kind of things people like to see photography of,” said sophomore Breanna Daughtery.

Students who presented artwork are as listed: seniors Alleigh Becht, Zach Bradbury, Alexa Brewster, Jeff Eads, Alexys Gillespie, Rachel Manship and Ashley Toliver. Juniors Ivy Basinger, Jonathon Cook, Breanna Daughtery, Tyler Line, Kennedy Nelson, Brianna Phillips, Taylor Samsil and Stefany Waynick. Sophomores Hannah Balsmeyer, Riley Balsmeyer, Emily Condra, Natosha Deweese, Lily Eubank, Dylan Lowe, Nikki Mitchell, Collin Patton and Meghan Richardson.

Students who presented photography are also as listed: Advanced photographers, Seniors Jerica Goodpaster and Kelsey Stouse, juniors Breanna Daughtery and Tessa England, and sophomore Morgan Babcock. The beginning photographers who participated were junior Brianna Phillips, sophomores Abbie Franklin, Chelsea Knight, Ashley Lindley, Devin Osborne and Rachael Walls, and freshmen Tressa Bartholomew, Alexis Bruner, Keisha Levi, Alyx Ross, Sierra Smetzer and Emilee Waynick.

Info by Breanna Daugherty