OCP Children’s Theater to perform “How to Eat like a Child”

Clear your schedule for Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon and plan to be at the PHS auditorium!  You won’t want to miss the Orange County Player’s Children’s Theater production of “How to Eat like a Child.”

“The kids have had fun with this script,” said Director Daniel Main,” it will be infectious for the audience.”  He explained that the short vignettes include music and allow the students to put their own characterization into it.

“It’s a fun show that will show parents and the audience how kids really act,” added 6th grader Maggie McGowen.  The show is based on the book by Delia Ephron and provides humorous conversation and actions on “how not to be a grown-up” in such situations as drinking a milkshake or hanging up the telephone.

Aubrey Cook enthusiastically explained why she enjoys performing on stage,” I always wanted to be an actress and I want to sing.”   Sister Atley added, “I was inspired by my older brother to do plays, so I like Children’s Theater.”

In his sixth year of directing the Children’s Theater for Orange County Players, Main is impressed with the commitment to theater by Orange County youth. “There is a solid core of kids here that have invested in it.”  For others, this play will be their first stage experience. Young Samantha Vandagrifft explained, “My Daddy was in a play and wanted me to try it. I’m having fun!”

Jodi McGowen is serving as Main’s assistant director for the production. Show times are 7:00 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $5 and will be sold at the door.

The cast includes:

George – Cameron Vandagrifft

Corey – Emily Leone

Rebecca – Maggie McGowen

Jane – Atley Cook

Sunshine – Kennedy Slaten

Lily – Addison Wells

Christy – Grayson McGowen

Brandon – Josh Roberts

Kimberley – Libby Padgett

Nicky – Madison Clark

Rachel – Aubrey Cook

Darien – Karyas Slaten

Sandy – Taylor Becht

Arlene – Samantha Vandagrifft