Guidance department to get a re-vamp

Starting this year, the guidance department has created a committee to better the guidance program for anyone who utilizes the services in the guidance office. Featuring our guidance counselors, staff, students and community members, this committee is called the Prospective Advisory Council.

The goal of this council is to better the career, academic, social and personal developments of students at PHS. Over the course of the year, the council will keep a portfolio of major projects, time use logs and other documentation of the progress made throughout the year. When next June comes, they will submit their information to Indiana Gold Star Counseling for an overview, and the chance to get extra funding for our school.

“I think it’s an excellent idea. We kind of need to know what the students want and need and guide them in the right direction,” said counselor Brandi Kerley.

Have any input? See one of counselors today.

By Samantha Patton