5k Rampede to Raise Money for Prom

On Saturday, November 17, there will be a 5K walk/run to raise money for the  Prom. It will take place on the cross-country course, (grassy and woody areas) and participants must register to run by October 18. To run, it will cost $15, and $20 if participants want a shirt. Payments can be mailed to Paoli High School. During the race, colored dust will be thrown and the participants to make the race more fun.

Brenda Eubank, the librarian and senior class sponsor, is the one who came up with the idea for a 5K run, and for a good reason, too.

“Nobody was buying magazines this year to pay for the prom,” said Eubank “And not a lot of people were selling either.”

Eubank hopes that the event will get a lot of entries.

“We haven’t had a lot of entries this year, but we have had a lot of people say they’re going to enter,” said Eubank. “This is meant to be a different and fun way to raise money for prom.”

The 5K run will be something new and different for students and other participants. All ages are welcome to run, so make sure to be there.

Contact Mrs. Eubank in the library for more info or download the registration on the PHS website.

News Info by Emma Walker