Upcoming lunch changes

The lunch menu at Paoli schools has always severed items like fries, burgers and lasagna, but not a lot of vegetables like broccoli, rice and spinach.  Soon the lunch menu will be having some major changes.

The State Board of Health sent a letter to dietarian director Brenda Edwards, addressing the lunch menu at Paoli Schools.

“They said that there aren’t enough vegetables on the menu, and we can only have so many calories per day,” said Edwards.

The State Board of Health even sent how many calories there should be per grade per day. For students in grades K-5, they need to have around 612 calories; 6-8 students need 632 calories; and 9-12 students need 806 calories.

To meet the government’s standards, Edwards has decided to change the menu.

“We plan on serving more green vegetables such as spinach, Spanish rice, fresh broccoli, celery, cucumbers and lettuce,” said Edwards.

Edwards knows that some kids will not be happy with the changes.

“I’ve tried to keep favorite items on there, like chicken, mash potatoes and lasagna,” said Edwards.

The new lunch menus will go into effect January 2013.

Info by Emma Walker