Jr. High Academic Team

Jr. High Academic Team competed in regional competition at Seymour Middle School this past Saturday.  Ms. Haley’s English team won 1st place.  Team members included Angel Pierce, Lily Thompson, Wyatt Weeks, and Tony Caudill. Mrs. Chase’s math team finished 2nd.  Team members included Mark Bridgewater, Levi Retherford, and Rachel Anderson. Mrs. Crews’s social studies team finished 3rd.  Team members included Chase Meehan, Ranza Rominger, June Hobson, and Laundon Goldsby (AKA Hannah)
The interdisciplinary team placed second.  Team members included June Hobson, Chase Meehan, Ranza Rominger, Levi Retherford, Mark Bridgewater, and Angel Pierce.  State Results will be posted this afternoon.