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Serious Cause Worth Fighting: Childhood cancer fight starts with awareness

September 18, 2015

When people hear the word cancer, multiple thoughts shoot through their head. Most everyone knows someone who has had cancer -- it’s just too common. Among the hundreds of types of cancer, lung cancer...

Safety First

November 21, 2014

Extra steps to improve safety noticed Safety planning and drills are something that all schools have become familiar with in recent years. This year teachers have been encouraged to lock their doors to...

The Last Word: Austin Longest

October 29, 2014

What is the weirdest nickname people call you? Honey dipper and Juicy. If you didn’t get caught, did you really do it? No. I plead the FIF. If you watch the Chappelle Show, you’ll get it. Would you...

Athlete Austin Lives with Diagnosis

October 29, 2014

Q: How long have you had epilepsy? A: Twelve years. Q: What was your reaction when you found out? A: I was young so I didn’t understand. I was always given candy at the doctor’s office so I imagine...

Higgins takes the chemistry helm

Higgins takes the chemistry helm

August 21, 2014

Previous biology teacher Melissa Higgins has moved across the hall to chemistry this school year after the departure of Eric Noble. Students are all wondering why the change? Higgins has the answer.Q)...

What Makes You Rich?

November 21, 2013

There are many different people in this world who find “being rich” different from one another. “Real Estate is a big one,” said high school gym teacher Matthew Holcomb. “Having cash and really...

Freshman India Wong works on homework in Melissa Higgins biology class.

Today @ PHS

September 5, 2013

Photo by: Morgan Dotts

Kay-Anna Hodges, Jade Gehl, Livi Brewster, Kaitlyn Ingle,Kennedy Nelson, Sophia  Sears, Lily Eubank, and  Karson Stands

Cheese Gallery: At the game

September 11, 2012

Photos by Caitlyn Cornwell

Students Celebrating Pi Day

March 21, 2012

Photo by Laundon Goldsby

The following students have been selected to be sixth grade orientation leaders…

March 16, 2012

Ginnifer Cobb Meagan Dooley June Hobson Leitha Levi Shelby Rebuck Jaylin Busick Claire Cornwell Angel Pierce Raigan Tinkle India Wong Mark Bridgewater Chase Mehan Levi Retherford Logan Love John McCracken Wyatt...

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