What Makes You Rich?

There are many different people in this world who find “being rich” different from one another.

“Real Estate is a big one,” said high school gym teacher Matthew Holcomb. “Having cash and really nice cars… and investments as well.” Holcomb is not alone with the real estate; apparently real estate is pretty big now.

Junior high gym teacher Summer Hudelson also had an agreement with Holcomb.

“Really nice dress clothes, like named brands,” Hudelson said. “Along with nice cars… if I saw a Lamborghini here in Paoli, I’d think someone took one apart over several years and made their own. But if I saw one in Indianapolis, I’d say, ‘Ooh, a Lamborghini, nice!’ It all depends on location.”

Some people don’t care about the money and clothes, like substitute Val Mills.

“I don’t really like and going putting labels on people… I’ve learned that from experience,” said Mills. “But the obvious answer to your question would be cars.”

Seems like a lot of teachers and students think cars are a big one.

“Somebody’s clique,” said freshman Raigan Tinkle. “What they wear too…oh! And their attitude, that can tell you a lot about a person and their life. Especially if they have some money.”

Tinkle didn’t stop there.

“Confidence. If someone has high self confidence, they probably have some money to satisfy their needs,” said Tinkle.

Media adviser Heather Nichols also had an input.

“Whenever I see people with fake nails and hair extensions I automatically assume they’re rich, just how I am,” said Nichols.

Underclassmen Hannah Sanders also had something to say.

“The newest phones and little tiny dogs in purses…if anything they own is super nice,” said Sanders.

There can be a lot of different things that people have that make them appear “rich,” when they might not even have any money to begin with.

Story by India Wong