Dyer Flies High

Zoe Dyer is one of the senior leaders of the varsity cheer squad. Dyer enjoys cheering because it comes natural to her.

“I’m an energetic person, so might as well cheer for our teams here at Paoli,” said Dyer.

Dyer has been cheering for seven years now, but does not know about continuing after high school.

“Cheering in college is an option, just not my freshman year because it will be too overwhelming,” said Dyer.

Dyer is the varsity flyer for Paoli. Dyer’s favorite stunt is the heel stretch, which they perform during line ups at a varsity game.

“I love stunting; it’s my favorite thing to do in cheer,” said Dyer.

Not only does Dyer love cheerleading in general, but her team mates make the experience something to remember.

“I wouldn’t know what to do without my team. They make having a cheer experience the best,” said Dyer.

Leaving the team behind is one of the hardest things Dyer will have to do after her senior year.

“I will miss the girls and coaches, and I will miss being able to have a good time with them. I will also miss Friday nights being dedicated to cheer,” said Dyer.


Story By Brandie Hankins