Drama Queen Allen

Senior Ashley Allen is a known thespian at PHS. Allen’s love for theater was sparked in one of Throop’s summer school creative experience classes.

“I think the creative experience classes allowed to get kids to get their feet wet in theatre and get some experience with acting and being in a show,” said Allen.

Since then, she has participated in 12 plays and musicals. She also accompanied “Just Another High School Musical” in her sophomore year. Her favorite production was “Annie” which was produce by the Orange County Players this past summer.

“[During Annie] I felt more at home and comfortable. They welcomed me into the family. I met so many new people and learned a lot about community theatre. It takes everybody and they’re coordination to put a show together,” said Allen.

Allen loves the theatre so much that, she has decided to pursue it as a career. She dreams of being a script writer and she has been writing plays since her freshman year when she took theatre class with Maria Wishart.

“Ashley has been integrally involved in Drama Club since joining us her freshman year for our fall musical, “Meet Me in St. Louis”. She has performed in a wide range of roles, but she has also participated in many other ways. Throughout her career, Ashley has continued to develop a range of acting skills,” said Wishart.

Over the past four years, Allen has written six plays, and one monologue. One of her plays is even being published.

“I love theatre! It’s my home away from home! It is really helped me come out of my shell,” she said.

Many students have been through PHS Drama Club, and several of them have inspired Allen and helped solidify her love of the spot light. These select few include Megan Guerra (class of 2010), Kelsey Stouse (class of 2012), Lauren Anderson (class of 2012), and Jennifer Spaid (class of 2012). Allen’s mentor is drama director Maria “Stan” Wishart.

“I love all of my mentors! They certainly made me feel welcome in drama club. These people are true leaders,” said Allen.

From building sets, to memorizing lines, to writing scripts, there’s a lot the goes into theatre, and senior Ashley Allen loves it all. Going to college will start Act II in her own personal show.


Story By Lily Thompson