More Than Just a Sister

The definition of sister is “a female offspring having both parents in common with another offspring.” This justifies the technical part of the word, but to senior Caitlin Henderson, it means a whole lot more than just that.

Henderson, the oldest of four, has two brothers and one sister. Connor, a sophomore at PHS, is the oldest brother, Colton, five years old, is the youngest brother, and Clara, a third grader at Throop is the other sister. So Henderson is no stranger to any age group.

“It is very fun being the oldest. I love to see them accomplish a goal they set and hearing all their funny conversations,” said Henderson.

According to Henderson, it is a lot of fun to be the oldest sister and there are many perks that come with it.

“Yes it is fun, Colton tells me some pretty good stories! The perks to being the oldest is, well, being the oldest because you can do a lot of things with them. Being the boss is also fun. But with all of those things there is also a lot of responsibility,” said Henderson.

Although it may seem like an easy task, being the oldest of four is not as easy as it appears. “

Being the oldest, I feel I need to set a good example and make good choices, said Henderson.

Henderson can recall her two younger siblings’ births.

“When Clara was born, I was in third grade. I couldn’t wait to do fun things with her. I also remember Colton, I was in seventh grade and he was a huge surprise and he still surprises me every day, said Henderson.

Henderson does her best to set a good example for her siblings.

“I hope I have impacted their lives in a good way. I try my hardest to be a good Christian role model. I try my hardest to not disappoint my siblings. They mean a lot to me. I hope I have showed them how to be a well rounded, caring person. I want the best for them,” said Henderson.

Henderson’s oldest brother, Connor, thinks she does a pretty good job at being a good sister.

“She is always there for me, She is always supportive and caring” said Connor, a man of few words.

Henderson’s parents, Matt and Catherine, also see how much of an influence she has been on her other siblings.

“She has taught them to just go with the flow, be happy, and be their own person,” said Catherine.

“I think she has been a good example to learn from. She helps take care of them and she mothers them,” said Matt.

Henderson’s life would not be the same without her siblings.

“My life definitely wouldn’t be so crazy and as hectic if I didn’t have them in my life. There is never a dull moment in our household. I feel like I wouldn’t be the same person if I didn’t have my siblings. They each have taught me something. They are my pride and joy,” said Henderson.

Henderson is a mother, a nurturer, a teacher, a supporter, and sometimes a chauffeur. She is constantly by her siblings’ side, and always will be.

Story By Garrett Vincent