Small Move, Big Change

For most seniors, school starts at Throop Elementary and ends at PHS. For senior Katie Stahl, her road at PHS started as ours is coming to an end.

“I’ve always gone to West Washington; my mom teaches there. I just thought coming to PHS would be a good experience for me to be with new people,” said Stahl.

As many students, Stahl feared of being left out and not welcomed. But the students here at PHS made Stahl feel very at home. With word of a new foreign exchange student, Stahl was asked repeatedly what country she was from and how she was adjusting to life in America. Little did these students know she was just from the county next door.

PHS is larger than West Washington and was a little intimidating to Stahl, but now Stahl is beginning to feel like her decision to move was the best decision for her. Stahl was excited to learn that PHS had a variety of electives that fit her future plans, something her former school did not have.

“I think it would’ve been a lot tougher for me when I go to college if I wouldn’t have moved,” said Stahl.

Overall PHS has become home to Stahl. She has missed her former school but is now proud to be a Ram. PHS is a part of Stahl’s life; she would not go back and change her decision to move.

“I think it [moving to PHS] was good for me and I am enjoying it here,” said Stahl.Stahl_K_Web


Story By Morgan Babcock