Condra’s Helping Hands

Most people categorize others by what sports they play, their grades, or sometimes who they hang out with. Often times it is forgotten there is life outside of school. Senior Emily Condra has pushed the limits of what to do in one’s free time.

Condra started thinking of doing Christian missionary work over the summer during church camp.

“A group called Idea’s came to visit and made me just want to get out and help others,” said Condra.

Missionary work is so much more than spreading religion. It is about helping others and seeing them smile.

“My favorite thing about missionary work is helping people believe there is something better in the world and seeing their smile when you hand them food. Being a missionary isn’t just helping, it’s showing how much you care,” said Condra.

Condra plans on having another job, but wants to be available as much and as long as possible for missionary work.



Story By Olivia King