Knight’s Passion Turned Into a Career.

Senior Chelsea Knight is looking for a long life time career in portrait photography. Knight wants to be able to capture all the special memories that come with having a family.

“I love being able to capture a families memories and be able to share them with them,” said Knight.

She started gaining interest in photography in junior high when she took intro to media class. She later started taking more photography classes and now shoots for many of the schools activities.

“ I enjoy taking pictures for all the school activities we have here, I get to be up close and capture all the moment we have here at school,” said Knight.

One of Knight’s favorite shoots was taking new baby photos for senior Mariah Thorlton.

“I really enjoyed doing this shoot, it will always be one on my favorites,” said Knight.

In the future Knight wants to attend college and peruse her future in photography. Knight also plans on being married and having a family of her own.


Story By Raigan Tinkle