Mullinax’s Volleyball Memories

Taylor Mullinax is one of the seniors on the varsity volleyball team. Mullinax has been playing Paoli volleyball for eight years. In this time she has made many great memories.

“My favorite memory from this season was when we all threw apples,” said Mullinax.

Through the years, Mullinax has gained a lot from playing volleyball. One thing she has learned is that you have to put in the effort, not just the time. She has also learned that teamwork and team unity is important, on and off the court.

“We always work together as a team and we are very close. This year’s team has probably been closer than any other team we’ve had,” said Mullinax.

Because this year’s team has been so close, good teamwork was not hard to achieve.

“The hardest thing about volleyball is putting together all of our talent and being able to work with it as a team, but that was not a big problem for our team this year,” said Mullinax.

Mullinax is a blocker and outside player. The greatest feeling for Mullinax in volleyball is when she is able to make a block against an opponent.

Mullinax will miss her teammates once she graduates, but she will leave knowing that she has helped the future Paoli teams with being close, and that is a great accomplishment.



Story by Avery Rogers