Balysmeyer’s Volleyball Love

Seniors Riley and Hannah Balsmeyer came into their volleyball season with one thing in mind; hard work. Hannah and Riley love getting to know the girls on their team on a personal level.

As seniors their goal for their last high school season is very important to them.

“My goal was to make the most out of our season, and to win conference, which unfortunately we didn’t do,” said Riley.

“My goals for this season were to have all the girls become closer to each other and to win as many games as we could,” said Hannah.

The Balsmeyer twins saw improvement in their last high school season.

“I think we will improve a lot and make a lot of good memories together,” said Hannah.

Making memories is very essential to these girls as seniors. Their favorite memories in volleyball are when their team is together.

“Anytime Riley gets super excited about scoring a point is always a good memory,” said Hannah.

“Beating Perry Central my junior year was such a good memory,” said Riley.

Coach Kyle Neukam is proud to have coached the sisters

“Hannah’s strength in volleyball is experience and passing ability,” said Neukam.

Counting down the days until college, Hannah and Rileyare planning to go to the same school.

“We have never been separated so we don’t think we would do well apart. I also couldn’t imagine not playing volleyball with Riley,” said Hannah.

This is the Balsmeyers’s senior year in volleyball, but it is certainly not their last. In college they want to play also. Although they have looked at other schools, one college is standing out to them more than others.

“I’m leaning towards Martin Methodist, because they are interested in us. Coach Cruz went there and thinks we will do really well there,” said Hannah.

Most athletes are inspired by people they know, and are also the case for the Balsmeyers.

Story by Jaylin Busick