Thill’s Last Season Ended With Triumph

Senior Hannah Thill played the mellophone for the Pride of Paoli one last time this band season. Thill started band in fifth grade and decided to stay in the band program. In seventh grade Thill was inspired by her sisters, Audrey and Leah to join marching band and play the mellophone.

“My sisters were in marching band and I thought it was so cool!” said Thill.

She admits that she had a very rough start.

“I struggled the most with playing, and not being terrified of the staff and helpers.”

After her rookie year, Thill could have quit. She said that she thought about quitting before but chose not to.

“I’m not a quitter, and had no reason to, even if sometimes I didn’t like it,” said Thill.

Thill eventually learned that the staff is nice and playing was fun. As a senior, Thill earned a solo in the 2013 band show “The Odyssey.”

“What I enjoy most about band is the mellophone. I enjoy playing music,” said Thill.

Not only does she enjoy playing her mellophone but she enjoys the band program in general. Thill says that she wants to be the best because the staff does their best as well.

“We are held at high standards, and strive for perfection,” said Thill

All of Thill’s hard work and her music skills helped the band tremendously. The Pride of Paoli earned third place at the ISSMA State Finals in the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Thill has some advice for upcoming band members.

“You can’t have everything you want or think you deserve,” said Thill


Story by McKinley Haley