Tuell’s Academic Success

A hard working boy grows up to be a prospering man. Jacob Tuell, an above average student here at Paoli with a GPA of 4.47, is trying to prove that putting academics as a first priority pays off.

“I would really like to get into Purdue’s veterinary school, so doing well in school is very important,” said Tuell.

In this year’s senior class he is ranked 3rd out of 125 students all together.

He participates in many after school activities, such as, National Honor Society, Booster Club, Super Mileage Club, Paoli FFA, and Spanish Club Tennis. He also participates in a service at Throop Elementary called “Running Start,” NHS study tables for high school students and works Paoli Shoot-Out basketball tournaments.

“Usually I can keep a pretty good balance between out of school activities and school work. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed, but generally I can always get my work done,” said Tuell.

School work for many students tend to take several hours, fortunately Tuell does not need the extra time.

“I probably don’t even spend an hour on homework each night. Usually, I’m able to get my work done in class or before school,” said Tuell

Each student has a subject they enjoy most.

“My favorite subject is definitely chemistry. There is always something new to learn,” said Tuell.

Younger students hear stories about how hard classes are. A usual question asked is what has been the hardest year for you? Tuell shares his thoughts about this question.

“The hardest year for me has been this year. I’m trying to get some college credit, so I’m in five AP classes this year,” said Tuell.

He will graduate with Academic Honors. His career plan is to graduate from Purdue University and become a doctor in veterinarian medicine.




Story by Laundon Goldsby