Tye’s First Public School

Corbin Tye is breaking ground as a new senior this year. If you have not noticed him walking the halls, that is because he is only here for first and second period. Previously, Tye was solely homeschooled.

This year, new school policy took effect. A home schooled student can register in public school for a class or activity that is not offered through the home school program. Tye, taking fire safety class, uses this policy to his advantage. The only down side is now waking up at 6:30.

Doug Elliot first introduced the idea of fire safety class over the summer; this sparked an interest with Tye. Even before then, he always had an interest in fire safety. Tye’s uncle also influenced him when he was younger. With the new policy and talk of the offered class, he ended up here.

Tye learns about using ropes, fire extinguishers, SCBA’s (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) and other fire related safety skills. Overall the class prepares students for a career in fire fighting, which is what Tye hopes for in the future.

“My favorite thing is the relationship I now have with all my classmates,” said Tye.

After first and second period he continues his home school studies ranging from math to science.

Currently, Tye is on the Orange County District II fire department. He started in the beginning of April. In the future, he plans on applying to career departments in Indianapolis and other large fire departments.

Story by Cassidy Daugherty