Waynick’s New Sport

Luci Waynick has always been a part of sports during her school career. She has done a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, tennis from grades fifth to 12th, but this year she decided to do something new.

Running cross country was something new for any Waynick, and she found it very enjoyable most of the time.

“At times it wasn’t enjoyable, but most of the time it was. I just enjoyed running around town and in big meets,” said Waynick. “I did not like running hills or running when it was really hot.”

There was more to it than just running though.

“I gained better mental toughness. I also got in shape. It made me realize that you can do anything you set your mind to!” said Waynick.

At first, Luci didn’t quite know if this would be something she liked or not, but as time went on it grew on her. Waynick’s best course time was 25:58 at BNL, this was improved by a lot from the beginning of the season. Luci wasn’t alone in the race though. She had a very close friend running with her. Jessica Fullington and Luci wanted cross country to be something to could start and finish together, and they did.

“I enjoyed running with Luci, it brought our friendship closer together,” said Fullington.

This was something very new for Luci, but it got her looking to the end of her year when she would be a part of the Paoli Girls Tennis team. She has played tennis since 5th grade and has really enjoyed it, but she also liked trying something new.

Cross country not only helped with her endurance and physical strength, but also her mental strength and learning how far she could push herself.




Story by Emilee Waynick