Wroblewski’s Friday Night Career

Senior Tanner Wroblewski came into the2013 season as one of the top players in the state Indiana. He has already accomplished major achievements in his football career; his favorite being the overtime winning play to go to the sectional championship last year.

“The best moment would be catching the 2-point conversion against Triton Central my junior year to win the game,” says Wroblewski.

Wroblewski has been playing football here at Paoli for four years and with the help of his family, teammates, and coaches.

“Teamwork for everything you get, win state. Coaches and Family thanks for everything that you have done by developing me into a better person and player,” said Wroblewski.

Wroblewski has had many influences in his football career to achieve many milestones. One of them being his older brother Lee Wroblewski, which was a 2013 graduate.

“Lee has taught me many different things to help me excel my game and with the help of my uncle Jeremy Lowery has helped me a lot too,” said Wroblewski.

Lowery has been around Wroblewski since his child years and has coach at Paoli for four years.

“My uncle Jeremy has taught me everything about football and has always been my coach. It’s a different feeling knowing that it all comes to an end this year,” said Wroblewski.

Practicing 15 hours a week and a leader on and off the field, Wroblewski sought a sectional win this year, and he got it.

“No one in my family has ever won a sectional championship, and I was so happy when we did this year,” said Wroblewski.

Wroblewski is still undecided if he will play football in college.

“I’m still not for sure if I will play football in college,” said Wroblewski. “I will miss playing on Friday nights under the lights and I will definitely miss playing with the teammates that I will never play with again.”Wroblewski_T_WEB


Story by Ranza Rominger