Higgins takes the chemistry helm


Chemistry teacher Melissa Higgins helps two students during a lab. Photo by Noah Weiss

Previous biology teacher Melissa Higgins has moved across the hall to chemistry this school year after the departure of Eric Noble. Students are all wondering why the change? Higgins has the answer.

Q) Was it your choice to move to chemistry or did you have to? Why?
A) I was asked to move to chemistry this summer due to a change in staffing. I taught chemistry for six years in Virginia, and was ready to move back into the subject – it is my favorite thing to teach.

Q) Are you able to teach any other classes besides the two?
A) I am also certified to teach anatomy and physiology.

Q) What is your favorite part of chemistry?
A) My favorite part of chemistry is stoichiometry, where you do calculations related to chemical reactions.

Q) Do you plan on picking up biology in the future?
A) I would teach biology again if there was a need.

Q) Where did you go to college?
A) University of Iowa, Indiana University and Old Dominion University.

Q) Where are you from?
A) I grew up in Goshen, Indiana.

Q) How did you end up in Paoli?
A) When my husband retired from the military, he had a job offer at Crane, so we relocated from Chesapeake Virginia to Mitchell. I saw the opening for the biology position two years ago and here I am.

Q) Did you teach anywhere else?
A) I have taught at Great Bridge and Oscar Smith High in Virginia, Mitchell, Bloomington New Tech High, Eastern High and here.

Story by India Wong