Striking Out

Senior Todd Osborn comes clean about walking away from baseball

Sports play a big part in the lives of many Americans. Sports create an outlet for many students, and the adults in their lives. Many students choose to play sports for multiple reasons. These reasons can include to have fun, time with friends, or a chance to ease the stress of school. For me, I play sports for the fun. I get to hang with my friends, compete against other players, and just enjoy playing. But with joining sports, there is another side. This is the act of quitting.
Many people quit things in their lives, including sports and jobs. I know many people who have quit a sport in their high school career, including myself.
It was my sophomore year when I quit baseball. I walked into Coach Henry Cruz’s room and told him what was going on. I chose to quit playing baseball because I lost all enjoyment that the sport offered. This decision was hard to come to. I played from a very young age and have always had fun, but the week of practice before try-outs changed that. I become hateful of the sport. I started to be only concerned about how I was going to survive practice and became unconcerned with other aspects of my life. These feelings could have been very destructive for my school work.
I chose to end my ties with baseball and instead I ran track. I have the unusual fondness to running, and track seemed perfect for me. So, the extra load from a sport itself didn’t cause me to quit, but my lost of interest.
Even with the love I have for sports, quitting one was nearly inevitable for me. Who knows what would have happened if I continued playing? I could have started to enjoy baseball again or went on hating it. Now I believe that I made the right choice and chose to join a sport I like to do.

Story by: Todd Osborn