The Gnome Knows

Pa-Gnome newest photo-bombing member of the spirit squad

“In that picture I see my mom, dad, sister and – a gnome?”
Pa-Gnome spotting is a brand new activity begun by Paoli’s own Rocky the Ram. Pa-Gnome is a yellow  gnome who appears in pictures featuring Paoli students. He is also showing up in strategically placed locations around town. Photos of the gnome are posted on Facebook, Twitter, and friends of Rocky are asked to name Pa-gnome’s location.
“Pa-Gnome’s appearances happen only so often,” said Rocky the Ram, PHS’s social media ambassador.
Pa-Gnome is an activity for the community to engage in the new Facebook page in hopes of finding it informative.
Names of the people who guess correctly where Pa-Gnome is placed, are put into a drawing with other correct guessers. A name is then drawn to determine a winner who will later receive a prize.
Past Pa-Gnome winners have been Alan Rutherford, Jessica Matheny, Justin Marshall and Amanda Tharp.
“All of these winners are parents of current or former students,” according to Rocky.
This shows exactly why the Pa-Gnome activity was made, to interest local people in the community and the school’s Facebook page. At the close of the fall sports season Heather Leone, mother of Tim and Emily Leone, was the first winner. Her name was drawn from a pool of people who had correctly identified the location of Pa-Gnome around town.
Leone was presented with a  $100 dollar gift card.
“Pa-Gnome will only be in the public eye for a bit-then absent for a short period of time,” said Rocky.“Pa-Gnome is used to create excitement and attention to students, activities and school communication.”
Pa-Gnome is expected to make a return to social media during the winter sports season.
So be on the look out for the yellow gnome with the big, purple P.

Story by: Jace Ingle