Boys of Summer Return with Hannon

Starting in January, the PHS baseball team began practicing and preparing for the quickly approaching spring season. The team currently has 19 kids training and working out, and more will be joining when the basketball season comes to a close.

“Workouts have been going really well,” said new head coach Aaron Hannon. “We’ve had good numbers and good participation. It has been really nice to be able to set a framework of how practice is going to go and nice to give the kids that idea of how practice will be run.”

Practice for the team begins officially on March 14, and cuts will be made after the official practice begins. As for now, kids can still come and workout with the team before official practice.

“Yes, kids can come and workout but they will need to do that very soon because we will need to make cuts to get our roster at a manageable level,” said Hannon.

Story by Garrett Vincent