Girls Track to Begin April 5


The Varsity girls’ track team began practicing February 29 and since that time they have been working to get better.

“(We are) working hard everyday at practice,” said Coach Summer Hudelson.

Hudelson thinks the hard work is the key to success. Her goal as a coach is to push the girls to do their best, and they have been making progress.

“They are also fun to be around,” said Hudelson. She thinks this is one of the team’s strengths.

The team had more girls than expected and they will make their first showing April 5 at Borden. After the team’s first meet, they will be able to find out their weaknesses. This first meet is key in analysing what needs this team has.

“We are very diverse,” said freshman Rachel Umpleby. Umpleby thinks this will help them during the season. They will find out just how helpful their diversity is after April 5.

Hudelson hopes the returning girls are as successful this season as they were last season. Umpleby said the team is not very strong at this point in time, but the new and returning runners will continue to improve.

Story by Lauren Umpleby