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Paoli Archery: Tough Competition is Coming

On Saturday, April 30, the Paoli Archery Team will be traveling to Jac-Cen-Del. The team’s first flight is scheduled to be at 11 a.m.

“We definitely have our work cut out for us,” said Coach Kyle Woolston .

According to Coach Woolston, the team is very capable of outshooting some teams, but this is some of their toughest competition besides state. The archery team has beat several of the teams that will be there already.

Woolston knows there will be some tough competition and the team is inexperienced compared to other teams that will be there.

“We need to focus on the small things such as relaxing, making sure to anchor, proper release, and following through,” said Woolston.

The archery team is using this tournament as a way to get a good experience with other teams before Nationals.

“Every experience is a learning experience for our team. So take what the situation gives you, whether it be good or bad, and make adjustments as needed,” said Woolston.

The team has done a ton of improving since the beginning of the year, which should help them out at the tournament.

“I think the team will do very well. We have improved a lot since the first few practices,” said eighth grade archer  Jalyn Engleking.

On April 30, go out and support the Paoli Rams at Jac-Cen-Del.

Story by Avery Owens

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