Junior High Softball Defeats Wolfpack

The Paoli junior high softball team traveled to Crawford County on April 11, and Paoli defeated The Wolfpack 9-1.

“We played well defensively and well offensively, but we can continue to grow better at the plate, getting the bat on the ball,” said eighth grader Madison Cunningham.

Cunningham plays second base.

The team is going to continue to practice batting drills in hopes to get more players on the bases to score more runs. Batting is a vital skill for softball, and there is always a need for some type of improvement when it comes to batting.

The Crawford County game was a make-up for the game that was scheduled on May 13, the day of MORP, since all the softball players would not be able to make it to the softball game in time.

For any fans who want to come and support the team, they will face off against the West Washington Senators at home on April 15 at 6 p.m. The team hopes to see many people there cheering on our Lady Rams.

Story by Isabelle Goff

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