The Road to Detroit


The Super Mileage Team will be traveling to Detroit, Michigan on April 20-25 to the Shell Eco Marathon.

“It is a competition that invites all high schools and colleges in North and South America,”  said the team sponsor, Jason Goodman.

The high schoolers who will be going are freshmen Jacob McDonald and Alex Jones, sophomores Kyle Marshall and Tanner Phillips, and junior Codie Emmons are scheduled to go on this trip.

“We hope to learn a lot about manufacturing and engineering as well as the Shell organization,” said Goodman.

The Super Mileage Team will have the opportunity to meet several Shell executives and key role people in the Shell community as well as politicians and industry individuals such as Joey Logano, the Nascar Driver for the Pennzoil vehicle, engineers from Shell, Michelin, Skf and Jay Leno. The opportunity to meet these people is a big opportunity for the students.  

“They give students insight on careers and education,” said Goodman.    

Best wishes to the team as they travel to Detroit.

Story by Kendra Troutman

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