Lights… Camera… Candyland!


On May 13, many junior high students at Paoli will be attending this year’s Candyland-themed Morp, in the cafeteria.

This year’s theme is brand new, we have never used it before. I think this theme is more focused on fun than the theme’s of past years,” said Student Council Sponsor Tammy Noble.

This fun and unique Morp theme has peppermint forests, ice palaces and other sweet surprises in store.

“The progress for morp is going very well,” said Student Council President Avery Owens.

Giant peppermints and snowflakes are being made currently by Student Council members. Balloons for an archway, and supplies for enlarged lollipops arrived in early April.

Student Council Vice President Harley Bush has advice for this year’s attendees.

don’t be scared to dance or have fun. I know that last year, I was so embarrassed to have fun or dance… It’s going to be SWEET,” said Bush.

Morp tickets will be on sale from May 2-11, for $5 per person. The Student Council hopes to see all the JH students from 7-10 p.m. on May 13 for a sweet night!

Story by Lexie Stroud


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